Q: What characteristics set our dance school above the rest?

A:       Smaller classes to give your child more attention

Adult professional instructors who continually further their dance education.

Four classrooms to offer your child more classes.

Wireless Internet is available for your convenience in the waiting rooms.

Monthly newsletters are e-mailed to keep you up to date on school information

Dance Performance and Competition Team to represent our studio at Regional and National Dance Competitions and represent our studio in the area festivals and    community events.

Dance Shoppe for all your dance attire and shoe needs.

“Remind” stay connected with all our updates by logging on to our remind system

See the difference only experience can make.

Q: What does my dancer have to wear to class?

A:       Dancewear (All Subjects including Combo):  Your child is welcome to wear pink or black leotard; pink tights & hair must be pulled back out of their face (Unless your      child is participating in Jazz (see below)

Specialty Ballet & Pointe Classes must wear dark leotard and pink tights.

Lyrical & Jazz Classes must wear a leotard and half top with either tights, spandex shorts or capri leggings.  Hair must be kept back in a ponytail.

Hip Hop Classes TBA by instructor.

Tap Classes must wear any color or style dance top, dance shorts or Jazz pants.

Technique Classes must wear leotards or half tops, spandex shorts or capri leggings of any color.

Q: What shoes are required for class?

A:       You must you the shoes we carry

Combination Classes – black patent tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.  No jazz shoes required.

Tap classes – type of tap shoe chosen by each teacher

Ballet classes -Pink ballet shoes. Boys require black ballet shoes

Jazz Classes – Tan slip on jazz shoes.

Lyrical classes – pirouette lyrical shoes

* Black patent tap shoes must have the ribbons removed and replaced with tap ties or elastic.  These ties are available for sale in the Dance Shoppe.  Having to tie shoes during class can be very time consuming for the instructor and dangerous for children if the shoes come untied

Q: When are class payments due?

A:       All dance tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  After a 7-day grace period the tuition is considered past due.  A $15.00 late fee is automatically charged to your account on the 8th.  In case of absence, you are responsible for mailing or bringing your tuition to the studio before it is past due, unless you have made pervious arrangements with our office.

Tuition is the same each month and does not change due to     holidays.  Monthly tuition is an average of 4 lessons per month.  Tuition will NOT be refunded, credited or prorated is the case of absence(s).  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please notify the studio office of any changes of address, home or work phone numbers and email addresses.  If paying in cash, please pay with the exact amount.  If no one is in the studio office all payments should be put in the locked Payment Box   located in the studio office desk.  Instructors cannot accept your payment.

Credit cards are accepted at the studio office.

There will be a $30.00 service charge for any returned check.  Checks must be picked up at the studio office with repayment in cash or money order with the $30.00 service charge included.

Tuition may be mailed to the studio address.  Please make sure the name of the student(s), and what the payment covers is written clearly on the check

Q. What is Kid’s in Motion?

A:       This is a Dance Company made up of dancers from RSOD.  The Competition and Performance Teams were established to provide our students the opportunity to enhance their dance training by being a member of a performance    dance team. Our Dance Company promotes teamwork, dedication, responsibility and self-confidence.  Members perform at numerous community festivals and events throughout the year and represent our studio at regional and national dance competitions.

Please inquire at the studio regarding further information on our Dance Company.

Q. What do I do if my child is sick and/or cannot make a class?

A:       In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular attendance is necessary.  Please notify the studio office when your child will be absent.  An absence may be made up by    participating with another class, if available, and only if the studio office is notified in advance.  All make up classes must be during the same month and can only be scheduled by the studio office.  There will be no makeup lessons in April and May for classes participating in the Recital.  Tuition will not be refunded, credited, or prorated in the case of absence(s) NO EXCEPTIONS!

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